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Zoshchenko "Galoshes and Ice Cream"

Тема в разделе "Recommended literature", создана пользователем Маруся, 21 дек 2020.

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  1. Маруся

    Маруся Очень злой модератор! Команда форума

    14 май 2018
    Делюсь опытом
    Не зависим
    When I was little, I really loved ice cream.

    Of course, I still love him. But then it was something special - I loved ice cream so much.

    And when, for example, an ice cream maker was driving down the street with his cart, I immediately got dizzy: so much I wanted to eat what the ice cream maker was selling.

    And my little sister Lelia was also extremely fond of ice cream.

    And we dreamed that when we grow up big, we will eat ice cream at least three or even four times a day.

    But at that time we very rarely ate ice cream. Our mom wouldn't let us eat it. She was afraid that we would catch a cold and fall ill. And for this reason, she did not give us money for ice cream.

    And then one summer Lelya and I walked in our garden. And Lelya found a galosh in the bushes. An ordinary rubber overshoe. And very worn and torn. Someone must have thrown it as it exploded.

    Here Lelya found this galosh and put it on a stick for fun. And he walks through the garden, waving this stick over his head.

    Suddenly a rag-picker walks down the street. Shouts: "I buy bottles, cans, rags!"

    Seeing that Lelya was holding a galosh on a stick, the rag-picker said to Lele:

    - Hey, girl, are you selling a galosh?

    Lelya thought it was such a game, and answered the rag-picker:

    - Yes, I sell. This galosh costs one hundred rubles.

    The rag-pick laughed and said:

    - No, one hundred rubles is too expensive for this galosh. But if you want, girl, I'll give you two kopecks for her, and you and I will part friends.

    And with these words, the rag-pick pulled out a wallet from his pocket, gave Lele two kopecks, thrust our torn galosh into his sack and left.

    Lelya and I realized that this was not a game, but in fact. And they were very surprised.

    The rag-picker has already left for a long time, and we stand and look at our coin.

    Suddenly an ice cream maker walks down the street and shouts:

    - Strawberry ice cream!

    Lelya and I ran up to the ice cream maker, bought two balls for a penny from him, ate them instantly and began to regret that they had sold the galosh so cheaply.

    The next day Lelya says to me:

    - Minka, today I decided to sell another galosh to the rag-picker.

    I was delighted and said:

    - Lelya, did you find a galosh in the bushes again?

    Lelya says:

    - There is nothing else in the bushes. But in our hallway there are probably at least fifteen galoshes, I think. If we sell one, it won't hurt us.

    And with these words Lelya ran to the dacha and soon appeared in the garden with one rather good and almost brand new galoshes.

    Lelya said:

    - If the rag-picker bought from us for two kopecks such a rag as we sold him last time, then for this almost brand new galosh he will probably give at least a ruble. I can imagine how much ice cream this money could buy.

    We waited for an hour for the rag-picker to appear, and when we finally saw him, Lelya said to me:

    - Minka, this time you sell a galosh. You are a man, and you talk to the rag-picker. Otherwise he will give me two kopecks again. And this is too little for you and me.

    I put a galosh on the stick and began to wave the stick over my head.

    The rag-pick went up to the garden and asked:

    - What, the galosh is on sale again?

    I whispered, barely audible:

    - For sale.

    The rag-picker, having examined the overshoe, said:

    - What a pity, children, that you are selling me everything for one overshoe. For this one galosh I will give you a piglet. And if you sold me two galoshes at once, you would receive twenty, or even thirty kopecks. Since two galoshes are more needed by people at once. And from this they jump in price.

    Lelya said to me:

    - Minka, run to the dacha and bring another galosh from the hallway.

    I ran home and soon brought some oversized galoshes.

    The rag-pick put these two galoshes side by side on the grass and, with a sad sigh, said:

    - No, children, you completely upset me with your trade. One women's galoshes, the other - from a man's leg, judge for yourself: what do I need such galoshes for? I wanted to give you a piglet for one galoshes, but having put two galoshes together, I see that this will not happen, since things have worsened from addition. Get four kopecks for two galoshes, and we will part as friends.

    Lelya wanted to run home to bring something else from her galoshes, but at that moment her mother's voice rang out. It was my mother who called us home, because my mother's guests wanted to say goodbye to us. The rag-pick, seeing our confusion, said:

    - So, friends, for these two galoshes you could get four kopecks, but instead you will get three kopecks, since I deduct one kopeck for wasting my time on empty talk with children.

    The rag-pick gave Lele three kopeck coins and, hiding the galoshes in a sack, left.

    Lelya and I immediately ran home and began to say goodbye to my mother's guests: to aunt Olya and uncle Kolya, who were already dressing in the hallway.

    Suddenly aunt Olya said:

    - What a weirdness! One of my galoshes is here, under the hanger, and for some reason the other is not there.

    Lelya and I turned pale. And they did not move.

    Aunt Olya said:

    - I remember very well that I came in two galoshes. And now there is only one, and where the second is is unknown.

    Uncle Kolya, who was also looking for his galoshes, said:

    - What nonsense is in the sieve! I also remember very well that I came in two galoshes, nevertheless my second galoshes are not there either.

    Hearing these words, Lelya unclenched her fist in which she had money in excitement, and three kopeck coins fell to the floor with a clang.

    Dad, who also saw off the guests, asked:

    - Lelya, where did you get this money?

    Lelya began to lie, but dad said:

    - What can be worse than a lie!

    Then Lelya began to cry. And I cried too. And we said:

    - We sold two galoshes to the rag-picker to buy ice cream.

    Dad said,

    “The worst lies are what you did.

    Hearing that the galoshes were sold to the rag-picker, Aunt Olya turned pale and staggered. And Uncle Kolya also staggered and grabbed his heart with his hand. But dad said to them:

    - Don't worry, Aunt Olya and Uncle Kolya, I know what we need to do so that you won't be left without galoshes. I will take all Lelina and Minka's toys, sell them to the rag-picker, and with the proceeds we will buy you new galoshes.

    Lelya and I roared at the verdict. But daddy said:

    - That's not all. For two years, I have forbidden Lele and Minka to eat ice cream. And after two years they can eat it, but every time they eat ice cream, let them remember this sad story.

    On the same day, Dad collected all our toys, called the rag-picker and sold him everything we had. And with the money received, our father bought galoshes for Aunt Olya and Uncle Kolya.

    And so, children, many years have passed since then. For the first two years, Lelya and I really never ate ice cream. And then they began to eat it, and every time we ate, we involuntarily remembered what happened to us.

    And even now, children, when I have become quite an adult and even a little old, even now sometimes, while eating ice cream, I feel a kind of tightness in my throat and a kind of awkwardness. And at the same time, every time, according to my childish habit, I think: "Have I deserved this sweet, have I not lied and have not cheated someone?"

    Nowadays a lot of people eat ice cream, because we have huge factories in which this pleasant dish is made.

    Thousands of people and even millions eat ice cream, and I would, children, really want all people, eating ice cream, to think about what I think about when I eat this sweet.

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